Temple Run

1.9.6 foriPhone

Run for your life while monkeys chase after you


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Temple Run is a platform and action game in which you have to run while dodging the many different kinds of obstacles that are in your way.

Unlike other similar runner games in which the controls are limited to jumping to dodge objects, in Temple Run you have to do several different things: slide your finger across the screen to get your character to turn corners, move the iOS device from one side to another so your character runs more to the left or right side, swipe upwards for him to jump, and downwards to get him to crouch.

While you run trying to avoid different obstacles, which include gaps, tree branches, and traps, you'll have to collect the most amount of coins possible. This is especially important because you can purchase several different improvements for your character, such as magic and special skills.

The game's graphics are excellent, with very well designed character models and textures that generally are well executed. The design isn't bad either, which helps give the overall appearance a comfortable look.

Temple Run is a super fun game with controls that fit the iPhone and iPad perfectly. It is a great game whose only setback, if we had to name one, is that it is simply too addicting.
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